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The Fight of the Heavyweights: Klitschko vs Mormeck

The fighter Jean-Marc Mormeck is five-foot-eleven in height, weighed like a puffed-up cruiserweight, and thirty nine years old.

Does this title defenses will really make a “legacy” to Wladimir Klitschko?
If he will only do not look good in the process, that is how the world works.
Does he deserve to a “gimme” battle or two?

I supposed it’s up to you to think if Klitschko, the multi-belt heavyweight champion, need a breather. Yes, a Breather or Break.

As we can see, he probably needs it, because he recently disregards a fight with David Haye. I think he needs an atmosphere that is not very challenging.

The incoming fight of Klitschko vs Mormeck will be held in Germany on December 10, and there were conclusions that it’s a right thing to be held there because that’s one of the few places that it would be probably sold.

The titles that are at stake for the Klitschko vs Mormeck fight are: the IBF and WBO heavyweight titles, the WBA Super World heavyweight title, and the IBO championship. And as you can see, all that titles at stake means more for the fighters as it means to anyone else
Mormeck has a record of 36-4 with 22 KOs and has been known as a heavyweight thorugh his fights between Timur Ibragimov and Fres Oquendo. It has been known that those fights were held in a “friendly” territory. Particularly, the fight against Ibragimov could be considered as a robbery because Mormeck won in a split decision where in a place like France the opponent that came from overseas is behind by eight-ball from the start and he have to basically knockout someone with a two-by-four to win over a fight. Take note that Ibragimov is from Uzbekistan, but lives in Florida.

In a cruiserweight title fight, Mormeck was defeated via knock out by David Haye which does not have any good thing and even suspense that could possibly have for the incoming fight. Even the media really like nothing better than to shill for it.

Klitschko was even talked of having a rematch with Haye, which is a very silly part for this, and Haye was defeated and sept his chance to vault himself into a big time title last July 2.
Meanwhile, Klitschko has done his best to help the selling of the fight by saying to the media that underestimating his foe can be a “a fatal mistake”.

To be fair, Mormeck is hardly without ability.

For fairness, Mormeck has also abilities to tell.

Before really starting to come into the competition, he lost two of his first five professional fights. The first was a light heavyweight after he defeated Livin Castillo in a WBA Inter-Continental title last 2000. And at one point, he went on a tear off from an eight straight KOs though over the time he only have 22 of his 36 wins were won inside the distance.

Actually, he held the cruiserweight title from a two different events; by beating Virgil Hill in February 2002 and making four defenses from it; and taking over the WBC title by defeating the former undefeated Wayne Braithwaite. Mormeck lose a fight against O’Neill Bell and then later defeated him in a rematch to reclaim again his titles, but then again beaten off by Haye. After then, he has chosen to move up in another weight level, as the most fighters do after losing their titles.

After all, we got to stick the blame to SOMETHING.

Then there goes the possible other reasons, making more money. As many observed, Mormeck follows the style of Tomasz Adamek, a former light weight and cruiserweight title holder after defeating Klitschko, and later lost in a tough time or fight.

Mormeck, has stated to the media that he had David Haye earlier on the floor during their fight and he said that this time he will finish the job. It could have been better if he have finished that job then, though it’s another topic to tackle. The facts I have stated is for the incoming Klitschko vs Mormeck fight, but of you are going to do promotions for this, you should at least know what is really the score on this fight.

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  1. On Saturday, March 3, 2012, Wladimir Klitschko, 56(49)-3(3), will put his WBO/WBA/IBF and RING heavyweight championship titles on the line against Jean-Marc Mormeck,36(22)-4(2), in Dusseldorf, Germany.


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